Quality policy

Quality policy

The aim of our company is to optimally develop products according to their later use and to manufacture them in consideration of economic aspects in such a way that all requirements regarding function and reliability are safely fulfilled.

We are committed to complying with environmental laws, occupational health and safety regulations including health protection, as well as all legal provisions for the protection of our employees and our direct environment.

For us, it goes without saying that concepts such as quality, functionality, environmental impact, occupational health and safety as well as compliance with all legal regulations and the consideration of the needs and requirements of interested parties, have first priority already in the development phase. For this reason, from the very beginning, care must be taken to ensure optimal advance quality planning, especially for new articles and mechanical equipment.

Our employees have a significant influence on the quality and reliability of our products. Therefore, everyone has to fulfil quality-assuring tasks in his or her area of work and be sensitive in the use of resources.

This includes, in particular, the avoidance or reduction of environmental pollution, compliance with occupational health and safety regulations, including health protection, as well as all binding obligations (legal regulations).

The aim of the quality assurance measures is zero-defect production, minimisation of rejects and reduction of defect costs.