Upsetting (Forming)

Multi-stage die upsetting

Multi-stage die upsetting is one of our core competence. We produce on various state-of-the-art machines according to customer specific requirements. Our machine park is designed for items with a diameter of 4 to 22 mm and a length of up to 400 mm. In a continuous, up to six-step process, drawing parts can be manufactured to the tight tolerances of cold forging with extremely high straightness. We offer our customers a high level of efficiency and a fast production time.

The cold forming increases the tensile and yield strength of the raw material and results in products with load-bearing grain structure.

Contour without limits

In addition, the blanks can be repeatedly fed through the magazines used and repeatedly formed, until the final contour of the product is achieved.

Jaw upsetting

With jaw upsetting, we manufacture products with lengths of up to 2,000 mm on special machines specially developed for us.

Multi-stage die presses

At PRINZ, we can produce cold-formed products with a length of up to 400 mm and diameters from 4 mm to 22 mm. For example, our 6-step presses can produce formed parts up to a length of 280mm and with their six forming steps offer completely new possibilities and exciting prospects.

We produce complex cold formed parts with sophisticated geometric contours and diameters from 4 mm to 22 mm and shank lengths of up to 400 mm cold in a single, multi-step process. This saves time, costs and materials. Depending on customer requirements, further production steps such as flat rolling or flat die thread rolling, annealing coating or sorting may follow.